Fear not, self doubt!

September 15, 2013

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Self doubt creeps into all of us. Sometimes when life hands you hard times, the self doubt is evident and clear. Sometimes the doubt creeps in unexpected, at a moment, with no warning. It happens to us all.

Just know that right around the corner is the person you have been meant to be, dreaming to be. The self doubt is only an illusion.

YOU have what it takes to become that person who will bring Glory to your God, who will bring love and graciousness to your family, to lead people to happiness, health, prosperity, to give your time and money to the poor, to teach others to leave addiction behind.

Take one step, look at your blessings, take action, and BELIEVE. Your dream life, your success as you see it. It’s there. Just right around that corner.
You are amazing, you deserve it.

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