Dreaming is great, but not if your subconscious is telling you why it won’t happen.

Thoughts for Thursday:

How many of you grew up with your parents selling you this? I sure did.
My mother worked hard to gain American Citizenship, and my father as an Entrepreneur and Carnegie leader. Those work ethics and words, taught me —
I could do anything in the world, if I just worked hard.
It wasn’t even that I realized I was dreaming, it was just the act of going out and getting it, with love and passion in my heart. polls_HARD_WORK_0543_146186_poll_xlarge There is a reason people don’t reach their dreams…..it’s because their subconscious is fighting the process.

If you want to build a free life, if you want to give to charities you love, if you need to earn a 6 figure and above income to do this, it’s going to take work. If you start with love and passion, the work comes so easily.
Just get to work. Paint a photo in your minds eye, and then work.
People are always telling me they need to dream again. What really needs to happen is the work, needs to point in the correct direction. You are working everyday at something anyway!!

What are you willing to work for to achieve?




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