Building Confidence

s children we learn to mimic as we grow, our teachers, and our peers.
As an adult we must become who WE are meant to be. That means finding out what matters to US, and not what matters to others. Comparing ourselves, and mimicking as an adult, may harm your life more then help.
So many times we as humans, meet people and judge them, never having walked in their shoes. What are you doing with your relationships? The choice is yours, how you see them.

Maybe you are seeing the good in people, but to the point that you appear less, maybe you are seeing the bad, so you appear more. Either way, the EGO poses a huge threat in our lives when we compare ourselves to others. Your journey is not someone else’s, journey. Why compare yourselves to them. Why make judgement of them?
Life is about loving, in spite of differences, in forgiving in spite of pain, and in loving others you will even learn to love yourself more. That means love their goodness, and love their weakness. In doing so you will be able to build yourself with confidence into the person YOU were meant to become.

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