Brock Family Reaches 1.2 Million in earnings

March 2011, the Brock family started their first joint business adventure in Network Marketing.  In just 13 months all of them were earning 6 figures, and multiple 6 figures.  As a group they earned the company car, earned trips, and experienced tons of personal and leadership growth, as 10’s of thousands joined their teams.

The family has linked arms again to build an even more solid business, and with a heart driven team and leadership named Team Heart.  Would you like to learn more about building a successful home business?  Would you like to partner with an experienced group of heart centered, enthusiastic leaders?  Would you like to join us in what’s coming next?  Click this link.














Meet Shanna Brock,shanna

6 figure income earner, actress, and people -friend, extraordinaire.  A woman who influences all people from every walk of life, with her smile, her heart, her beauty, and passion for helping!

In 2011 this woman was a struggling actress, broke, and driving a broke down car.  (Keep reading because the story gets really good.)  It’s not that network marketing gives you a chance to build a really big income, but it gives you a chance to help people change their lives.  It gives you a chance to change your own life, financially, spiritually, relationally, and through personal development; influence thousands of people’s lives.  She saw that this was a dream, and she dreamt that it would work <3

In 2011 Shanna had a dream, to begin a home business that could pay her bills and give her a home of comfort.  As she continued through the journey of education and training, she began to see what was really possible.  How a leader could influence the lives of many people, to better them with the products she had to provide, but also with the journey of growing, and changing in a world, of so much hardship.  She developed the skills and training necessary to lead a team of 1000’s of people.  And her journey began.  It began with 2 women, broke, with kids, struggling to build something different to build a dream.  A dream can be whatever you need it to be.  $1000, happiness, learning to love, learning to grow through pain…. there are many things people dream of; it’s different for everyone.  But for these women, they just wanted to feel like they did good for their family, and that it meant something.  Shanna took her love, and leadership and showed them the way to a brighter future.  To hope.

Throughout this journey she has become one of the most influential people in her state.  She has become one of the most sought after actresses, selling out show after show.  She has become a trusted mentor, a friend, and someone that people trust to bring them into a place of change, change for the better.  Her leadership skills have even brought her to stage for something other then acting, for teaching!  Her influence has brought so many people to her business, that she become one of the best recruiters and trusted leaders in the industry and in our team.  If you would like to see what she is doing now, and learn more, click the link at



Meet Aleah Brock, aleah

Multiple 6 figure income earner, and passionate for acquiring the knowledge that will teach others, to build a business full of passion and success.  A woman with so much energy, many people find it difficult to keep up with her!

This woman came into network marketing working 3 yes, count them 3,,,,, waitressing jobs.  There were late night calls to her sister, saying, “my feet are blistered”, “I don’t think I can walk tomorrow to make this happen”.  She was caring for 3 families in one house, and working in a very hard and difficult economy.  She had a dream.  A vision for a better life for herself, and for the people she loved.  When she took a look at network marketing she was sure there was something special there.  But she had fear.  All she knew was working hard, physically hard, and seeing that the bills would get paid week after week.  The fear of being responsible for her own paycheck, and the fear of learning to do it, were heavy on her heart.  But she also knew, this was the place for hope and for a change, and the one chance in this terrible job market that could change the lives of those she loved.  She took a LEAP of FAITH to go after a dream because she cared for her family.

Aleah came into the business of networking with her skill set of serving people.  She had learned so many things, and memorized menus that she knew she could memorize the marketing, skills and compensation plan needed to succeed in this business.  Wow, did this girl take the bull by the horns.  She gained the knowledge by getting on every training call, going to every event, asking every question, and reading every material available, so that she would be able to serve people.  She was going to serve people but this time it wasn’t from a serving tray, it was from a skill set that would serve others to change their lives.  She helped thousands of entrepreneurs, believe, become, learn and do more, through her energy and passion, and helped build a team that was worth 5 million dollars.  She showed the average person, that a little passion, and a lot of study, could change the lives of many, and build people an alternative income.  Some on her team earned 1000’s and some 10’s of thousands.  This woman showed that anyone can build a home business, anyone.  If you would like to find out more about what she is doing, and this sounds like your story.  Click here to get more information.


Meet Sha Brock sha2

Honestly, Sha is mom.  She may have actually felt like she had to do it because we all were.  But why not?  She just retired from a 25 year career as an administrative assistant, for a top dog in the FBI.  She had raised her kids as a single mom, spent her life, at her job, and she was open to a change.  Why not travel to some events?  Why not make a second income?  She liked the products after all, and she loved her family more then life.  So she jumped in, right into the unknown.  What she found there, was a home.  A place of love, of people, of friends, of fun, and a place she could share in her happiness and joy in life.  A place she could help to build up people who were hurting, to love people who were saddened, and hug a few people who were just trying to dig themselves out of ruin.  What a great place for a strong woman as she, that could lift up others, just with her presence alone.

Sha became a multiple 6 figure income earner in network marketing.  How did she do it?  Through love.  Love alone brought her droves of treasure.  Her leadership at events, at gift giving, at support, and her strength to get on stage and share her story.  Her life lifting up so many people, saying, “if she can do it, so can I”.  This woman has an uncanny gift for making everyone in the room feel loved and welcomed.  Whereever the team would gather, the first words would always be, “where is Sha?”  Where is the woman that makes every person her friend.  SHA BROCK, makes everyone feel welcome in a world, where life is hard.  Where people are struggling and looking for a way out.  Her arms are a hugging gift, her mailbox, is a gift of sending, and her smile is a heart warming gift to all.  What it goes to show, is that if you are looking to build a networking business, you may have a team with someone like Shanna that brings all the people to the gathering, and someone like Aleah that brings energy and knowledge, to the training, but you have to have the person that brings the love to the air.  The feeling that everyone is accepted.  If you feel like you love people, and can gather and lead with hugs, with love with passion for other’s success, and encourage with your smile always, then you must join Sha’s team.  You can find out more about what she is doing at

Meet my incredible husband, Bill BrockBill

It’s not easy to write about the one you love and spend your life with, from a woman’s perspective.  I’m sure as a man, there would be a more conscious effort of things strong, and manly!  I think he is perfect, but his story hasn’t always been perfect.  And 20 years ago when we met, we never really knew where the journey of life would take us.  Yes, we were that couple that just fell in “love”.  We thought love would take us through child rearing, bills, and well the thing called life!  …..

WRONG!  🙂  As we all find out in marriage you must find a way to get up every day, with joy in your heart, and success as your goal, and pray that food gets on the table, that shelter is always there, and the kids get all that they need.

This man had a dream to give his family more.  To do more, be more, and somehow find a way.  It was a lot of growing through hardships, but love that gave him strength, love from this core group of women that you see here, and from many children that counted on him (and still do) to lead the way, lead the path to a brighter day, to a dream.

So from a window shop worker, to an electrician school academy, to an entrepreneur……, he made the journey of long hours and hard work for his family.  He made a better career to take care of his family, but then he knew….. there MUST be something more!  From the day we married we talked of owning businesses!  Not one, but many!

So we did do that!…… we had many businesses, some did very well, and some failed terribly.
But we never gave up, and when we came to a place in Texas… we had a pet motel that was finding good success.  We were working the 16 hr days to earn our way as entrepreneurs.

And then….his wife came to him with a little idea.  An idea that $500 might change the world.

He’d heard her talk about this thing before…. called network marketing.  He kept saying that it probably wasn’t going to work; it probably wasn’t the thing they should do; it doesn’t work for many people and he wasn’t really sure about it.
But he honored her, loved her, and said go ahead.
What happened then was he became the brains behind the woman that was talking to everyone about her new found passion  He became the support that said, I will be there for you.  She was sharing everything!!! She was  loving every minute of the home-based business…. but then as he studied it, as he used his knowledge, ….he saw what was really possible.   He saw the bigger vision… he saw the possibility to help more people in the family; AND he saw the possibility of what you could do to change lives of people you love.

We had done what we had planned.  We had many businesses and we helped our children….But we never gave up on possibility.

“I think it’s a great thing, when a company decides to pay PEOPLE to spread the message of their product, rather than give a TV commercial $1 billion!  And then he KNEW!

From a high school dropout, to a half million dollar income earner in network marketing, in just four and a half, short years.  Self educated, perseverance, ……it doesn’t come easy, but it comes with perseverance and growth… and with the brains behind the braun.

Through his education of the industry we helped nearly 300 people earn a company car, we helped 8 people earn six figures and above, we helped thousands and thousands of people leave their J.O.B. and move into a place where thousands of dollars a month could help their families, and all they had to do is share love, opportunity, growth, and decide…..why give your money to big corporation when you can help the little guy, the little guy to make a new life of freedom and security.  If you would like to connect with Bill, and ask him how to change the life of your family,….. connect with him at   Find a way out of the rat race and build the life you expected for your family when you became that man.  See what Bill is doing at and email him at Go ahead, make a change…. its there waiting for you.

The Brock family made 1.2 million dollars because the parts to the whole made it happen.  I hope this inspires you to find a life bigger, then the one you are in.  A life that can inspire and help others, and at the least, I hope this gives you hope.  If you would like to just learn about being an entrepreneur… about what it might take to just start a small business in your garage, or a big business that is traditional……or……you want to learn more about networking and other online business options.  Just fill out the form at and start your own journey to your own personal discovery.  Your dreams really are out there waiting for you.  The first step, well, it’s just taking the step.  Join here:  Http://

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