Are you finding that you are always in a hurry? Try this.

March 28, 2013

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So many friends and team mates talk to me about “How do I manage my time? I am so busy, what can I do?” One of the top reasons I believe that we have problems with time management in our lives, and always say we are “too busy” is because we are constantly thinking about the next thing that we have to do.

If you want to find more time in your life, focus on the one thing you are currently doing. Keep your mind from wandering, and stay the course for the task at hand. If you need to set a timer for each individual task. There is a great app for this on your smart phone called 30/30.

Turn off the TV sometimes, turn off Facebook, or other things that are distracting.

MAINLY though, if you let your mind stay tuned into the task at hand you will not be filling it with thoughts of what is coming next, and oh my how will I get this done in time, and taking up the space you need to get the task done so you can move on to the next. Learn better Time Management and you may find yourself having more fun!

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