Are you being haunted by loss?

Today’s prayer is that you are letting go of all that grieves you. Letting go of all the losses of your life that haunt you. Death, business, things, relationships.

In network marketing I see so many people running around building a fear based business. Fear of losing a customer, a distributor, maybe even an entire team. Fear that another leader may have greater influence on a team member, fear of failure, fear of success.

Release and stop trying to control. This is why the organization you have, isn’t as large as you would like. Forward thinking, love and release will grow your business.

Some people, maybe you have lost someone to death, or a love relationship that didn’t work out. People are one of the hardest things to let go of.

Did you know the grieving process, includes the loss of business, of business partners, or even the loss of a place we frequently visit. Your neuro pathways, will try to hold on to many forms of loss. This is such a difficult thing in a persons life, because the reactive process will begin to place blame, see the thing or person as negative, and bring a person to even anger and hatred, when thinking of that past. That’s the bitterness in you, festering when you live with grieving and fear.

I am praying for all who hear this to open your heart to love, to joy, to happiness. TRUE happiness, true joy, is found in the moment. This very moment, that you are living it, and embracing it. Fighting through your fears, means being present now! It’s the secret to what ails you.
Let God’s beauty and Grace embrace you. For you are worthy of every joyful thing. You are worthy of peace, in your mind, love in your heart, and ALL of the abundance that is waiting for you to arrive.


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