Age old wisdom. A myth?

January 2, 2016

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WOW!! This morning I woke up and felt a bit old!!!!!
I felt a RUSH come through me from GOD, saying “you have learned much my child”. A feeling of age, but of wisdom, of having learned so much in these decades I have lived.
(Not old in my body because I’m using a freaking AMAZING yellow pill)
I remember throughout this walk of life thinking, “that’s it, I learned it all! I’m good to go now, please no more”. Or, when I became wiser, I thought “OLD PEOPLE? They don’t know stuff just because their old”. “Gee, I’m smarter then my mom, my dad, my papa etc…..” What do they know RIGHT?
There IS a wisdom that comes with age. It’s a firing and burning through the soul, that you feel, and you know is there. It’s a tingling, when you watch a younger persons journey, a KNOWING, that this life is SO DARNED precious, and that theirs has just begun… So much more time to really love, to grow, to be, to ride the journey full force. Hoping that they never choose “the dark side”.
There is a wisdom that comes with age. The problem is that it comes with ALOT of PAIN. Not that it isn’t cloaked with joy and love, and really as the pain comes the love grows more immense, then you could ever imagine. Some people though, they take the pain and they use it for bitterness. They use it for ego. They use it for an excuse to smoke, drink, do drugs, get fat, who knows. (I’ve been to some of these places too) YOU OLD PEOPLE GOT TO STOP IT!
There is a wisdom that comes with age. So if you are older, you also are wiser! Take the actions to use it; your wisdom, and inspire others. Just love because you are able, and you have much depth. Don’t worry who is loving you back! Take the wisdom, and learn more, be more, get more education. Your children and family are still watching you and you can make a difference in their future <3 Be a life long learner. Change is constant in life that's for sure, but the wisdom of the ages, that's there for everyone. So use it wisely my friends. Love and respect to all, ~ Dena

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  1. Soni Cido Says:

    I love your blog! So glad to have re-connected 🙂
    Let’s do great things!



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