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November 9, 2011


ABOUT DENA and our Practice :

She has practiced Hatha, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Restorative styles of yoga on and off for 15 years.

Dena is zealous and committed to helping people live their best lives through exercise, meditation & holistic approaches to physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.

Dena credits her yoga practice to alleviating her battle with fibromyalgia, thyroid disease, and a blood clot that lengthened from her ankle to her abdomen (which still causes trouble to this day).   A broken ankle and broken toe, not well recovered, have lingered, and gain strength through her yoga practice.  Yoga as well as Eastern Medicine, and Accupunture, literally cured her of a blood ailment that was causing severe pain in her body.  Yoga has truly transformed Dena’s sense of self and approach to life. She is committed to helping others cultivate the deep inner strength, tranquility, and balance that she strives to live and breathe every day.

Dena is a former gymnast, cheerleader, tri-sport athlete.    She has a wealth of knowledge about achieving and maintaining life-long health and fitness; for real, everyday people with busy lives!  She promotes a motivated, yet balanced approach to wellness – one that is accessible and sustainable for all ages, fitness levels, and lifestyles.  Dena  is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor; in her classes, she works to incorporate themes that expand awareness and facilitate mindfulness, while teaching the art of Yoga.

She also incorporates ideas for good nutrition such as with the 90 day challenge.  (Find information at http://yowza.myvi.net)

Current and Future Goals
Dena is currently a Pet Motel Owner, Groomer, Dog Trainer, Handler of Show Dogs and is soon to pursue her 500 hour certification at a Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga school on the east coast.  (View Pet Motel at http://www.LivingstonPetCastle.com)

If you are having your own challenges in your life, or your fitness, or yoga practice.  Please come and join our group!  We would love to have you join us in Livingston Texas, Combined Yoga Classes!  ~ Dena Brock

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