In my brokenness….

I haven’t made it through the storms, more are coming, and filling my life, dreaded calls, other loss, but I am standing in the fight. I am standing when bloodied, when completely broken, when my ego is on the floor, so cracked that the only thing to see, is the light shining through.
In my brokenness, I am open, I am real, I am vulnerable, I am in the midst of all that is. There is no turning back, from this place. There is only taking the fight to the fore front, and continuing on. What is being delivered to me right now, well—it just is, what it is. The pain….. it comes from resisting what is. So walking through the pain, fighting along with it, is the only solution. Leaving all that I am out on the table, for the world to see, that is the only solution.
If you are in the fight, I am here with you. If you are getting bloodied, bruised, and tore up, I am here with you. If you are tired of showing the world, a person, trying to fit in, I am here with you. IF authenticity, is your journey I am here with you.
But if you aren’t in the arena, you are getting your ass kicked, you cannot know, what shines through in the brokenness. You cannot know the polishing taking place by the roughness, in revealing the diamond. You cannot know. I’ll be here for you when you need me.


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Briefly; I am in partnership with my husband, and have built 4 traditional businesses to a multiple 6 figure income, as well as an online networking business, to over a million in income in 3 1/2 years with my family. I am a multiptrepreneur and have been married for 19 incredible years to my husband Bill, with 4 amazing children. Follow me if you are tired of waiting for your job to become interesting, and would like your interests to become your job!! A Life YOU Design! Join me at, for tips in mindset, social media, building wealth, finding your passion, living your dreams <3

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