Part-Time Home Business, what is best for you?

Do you think about or imagine yourself, winning in the Home Based Business world?  Have you wondered about options and whether you may have what it takes to get started?  Here are some ideas to help you get started in your part-time home business today.

So many people in the world, have had the dream of starting their own business but were afraid to give up the security of their day job and feel uncertain about the risk of self employment.  Some people would like to find a way to supplement their income while continuing their current full-time job, just to be able to get more out of life.  You may ask yourself, is this for me?  The answer is yes, anyone can start a home based part-time business, including you!

There are many businesses you can start from home part-time; and grow them even while you still have your full-time job.  You will learn a lot about running your business and you’ll be able to test the waters without taking a huge risk.  Here are some ideas to get you brain storming.


If you’re good with your hands, a part-time furniture refinishing business could be just the ticket to start you on an enjoyable future!  You can work in a designated home area, or home shop, and arrange pick up and delivery of your finished pieces around your full time job schedule.  This part-time job from home, will be perfect to work in your spare time.  As you gain experience and referrals, you may find your business growing into something that can support even your family.  Remember profits are always larger then wages!

In the meantime you will earn extra money, and you don’t need much equipment to get started.  Imagine enjoying working with your hands from home, in a creative home business such as this!


If you’re good with computers and know your way around windows or MAC, starting a part-time business as a computer tutor can provide extra income nights and weekends and give you time to start growing your client list and word-of-mouth referrals. With some patience, you can get started with just minimal advertising; even some free advertising is available.  If you keep your services confined to a small area you will be less likely to incur traveling expenses.

A part-time business in computers, can also lead to a new career or a business in which you expand your services by publishing eBooks, online tutorials, videos and much more.


A part-time business as a home safety inspector is rewarding and you will be helping families lower their risk of injury in their own home.  Some training is required to be considered knowledgeable enough to offer advice to other homeowners, but with a little training and practice you will become a coveted expert in your field!

If you’re already involved in public safetywork, this business would be perfectly fit for you!  You would be available to them after your own hours and on weekends, which is just what your client needs anyway!  This type of business is perfect for starting on a part-time basis and working strictly out of your home


If you enjoy wine and hosting parties, an independent wine consultant could be the perfect choice for you.  A part-time home business, you can enjoy and even have parties!  If you have thought about Tupperware, or other home party businesses, wine consultant may be the choice for you!

A popular company that offers business set-ups for independent wine consultants is The Traveling Vineyard.  There are probably many others, just do your research.


Photographers can make around $2,000 for a $20,000 for each wedding they work. Weddings are almost exclusively held on the weekends, so this is a home business you can start part-time while you build your portfolio.  Working in your spare time even around your full time job!

Soon the price of weddings will skyrocket, which means a percentage deal will bring you more income in this part-time wedding photographer business. This business truly has a six-figure income growth potential if you would like to move it into a full-time business.  Yes, you will see longevity and growth in a business such as this.  Just get started!


If you’ve ever had success selling items at swap meets or yard sales, then you could work part-time as a seller on eBay.  If you have actually sold on eBay, then you probably know a lot more then other people do, which will help you succeed helping others, sell their items on eBay too!  You will make money at something you are already good at.

eBay Trading Assistants who operate a home business typically go out to client’s homes or businesses to photograph and pick up items and then sell them on eBay on consignment.  The trading assistant handles the entire process all the way from sale to payment.  You will collect your commission with your items as they sell.

EBay trading is becoming popular and well known as evidenced by many store fronts popping up around the country.  However, as a part-time eBay Trading Assistant you can differentiate yourself by coming right to your client’s home.  You can get started today!


Enjoy music and parties?   With a part-time business as an independent disc jockey, you can enjoy both!   Most part-time DJ events are going to take place at night or on the weekends.  Why not have some fun and earn a few bucks doing what you love? Although this business will require you to have some music and equipment, it’s perfect for the music hobbyist to gain experience in a competitive area.  There is a large request for DJ’s who are professional and well versed in their music.  So step it up and become one of the elite!  There just are not enough really good DJ’s out there!  Why not you?  You’ll be the life of the party, too!


Any business you start online can be handled on a part-time basis as you build traffic and revenues during the early startup days. Over time you’ll learn the tricks of the trade and how to maximize traffic and click through to boost your earnings. If you love being online and are looking for an online business that requires a tiny initial investment that you can do whenever you want, an affiliate marketing home business may be just the ticket for you.


Party planners arrange weddings, seminars, corporate events, awards dinners and product launches.  Tasks can include renting a hall, mailing out invitations, or doing flyers.  Maybe coming up with some sort of a theme, and then decorating and booking entertainment based upon that theme.  Deciding upon food and catering, even staff, can all be part of this part-time home business!

It’s easy to see how this could be a time-consuming full-time home business, but you don’t necessarily have to start that way. You may want to consider volunteering to plan a few upcoming events for family and friends to get some practice.  This part-time business could become very lucrative, and possibly even be a future full business for your life and family!


Article by mother, wife, wealth creator, affiliate marketing coach, and entrepreneur.  Event and Party Planning expert.


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