Let’s TALK “Happiness” !

Wednesday Words to Live By.
😺😺Let’s talk happiness.😺😺
Money doesn’t bring happiness! There it’s said!
So quit STRESSING so much on it.
The STUFF we buy, doesn’t bring happiness. Throw it away! 😵
People who love us…… Love is true happiness.
Every single person, I have ever known, (tens of thousands over the last 5 decades) whether rich, poor, or in between, HAVE problems! 😳. They are NOT happy every minute of every day.
They’re all going through something!! Bad days. Marriage fights. Days they treat someone close to them like sh%#. Health battles, children battles, work trouble, spiritual doubt, breakups, death, moving, change.
➕Facebook is Facebook! It’s not the “behind the scenes” production. It’s not a wonderland, it’s a land of choice. We choose what we show.
➕Happiness is a choice, not a place, not an “I’m here, I made it”, destination. Trust me, once you’re on the island, a storm is sure to be coming.
➕If you can do ONE thing, just one to break your routine. You can gain a mindset so that you value life a little more. So that you find just a bit more happiness in a world where people can be offensive.
Choose ONE thing here as a start. I’ve been there before. It’s how I know it works.
1️⃣ Read just ONE page a day in a Wayne Dyer book.
2️⃣ Take a 20 minute walk. If it’s cold go to a mall.
3️⃣ Change ONE food choice in your life.
4️⃣ Remove one person not serving your mindset recovery, from your Facebook.
5️⃣ Wake up a half hour earlier to meditate and pray, and write down 3 things you are grateful for.
I’m NOT kidding that just one of these choices done over the next 2 weeks, will begin your journey on a lifetime of joy! Of choosing happiness!! Take the 2 week challenge.
And well after that, the money happens to come.
See when we know what to do with our money, more of it comes….. Start the shift today!
Connect closer with me at http://partnerwithdena.com See you there 🙂

Ps. That “stuff” I said to throw away?
Imagine how much less you have to clean! Or how much less you pay your housekeeper! Or how much clutter is removed from your dwelling… as you remove the clutter from your mind?
Just a thought to think on 😉


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