It’s none of your business what other people think of you.

LIVE YOUR LIFE !!!  Stop worrying about what other people think!! Life is here for one thing. YOU, to maximize your potential, in your God Given life. It’s your life. There is nobody else in the world like you. Your blueprint is unique, it’s truly yours, no other DNA looks like what you have… Each cell is made within you to complete your beauty, your life force, your energy tot he universe. This is something I have had to work on, and at this point am giving up completely. My focus is love. Be loved, or love anyway. Either way, it won’t matter.
I used to worry so much about what other people think. What will my upline think in my mlm, what would my husband think, what would my mentors think, what would other creative people doing the things I want to do, think, how will I be judged? I used to want to force my help on people who didn’t want it. I used to have aLOT of used to’s.
So there have been some dreams, for a long long time, that I never pursue, or I haven’t pursued, to the maximum. I’m always so busy, earning a living, raising kids, helping people make money, helping my husbands business and dreams… and I have always put mine on hold. Now here I am in the middle of my life, and I haven’t realized the dreams that I have had. I know there are some of you like me out there. Maybe I am writing this for you as well.
After beginning the year with a cancer scare, bleeding for a month, and now the murder of my grandson, some message is being sent clearly my way.
My husband sat me down and said, “Dee it’s time for you. It’s time you to look at what you are doing, and what makes you happy. If there is not ULTIMATE joy in what you are doing, I want you to find something else to do. JOY, is what you will focus on right now. Joy, and healing. Except you cannot be in a rock and roll band, that’s the one thing you can’t go back too.” lol Can you believe he said that Brian Windham Mike Bailey Carl Wahlstrom
I have some projects I am going to begin, I hope some of you enjoy them, if not that’s ok because I will smile emoticon I’ll continue to write the stories of death and grieving, that will be launched on my blog. I’m going to give up COMPLETELY on what other people think, pleasing others, or forcing things to happen for other people, that may not even have the dreams I see for them. I’m going to stop jumping through hoops at the beckon call of others. I’m leading my life, with pure love, and joy in my heart.
Working for, and with, the people who want to follow me, join me, or that I can help in their life of course, because my life’s mission has always been helping others. That’s what inspires me. Many of you don’t know, how many homeless people I have taken into my homes over the years, things we do. I’m sure there are many things you have done I have never known. God will see to it, that you are used to help people in the best way you can be, during times in your life.
I hope this new journey helps many mothers, fathers, families, and children, in their life. I hope that we can help people seek out their divine calling, seek out their, independent, incomes by finding joy in what they do, I hope that we can help people realize whatever their creative dreams are, I hope to inspire you and yours to LIVE, really live, in full and pure love. heart emoticon
Namaste~ Dee



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