Who is Dena

I’m sure you have read all the hyped up, glamour stories, of success!  Such as “How I made it from the basement to Millionaire”, “Money is pouring into my account from the Internet” and many more such as this!  I am going to show you how, with a little work, you can go from dreaming that your job was interesting, to using your interests to create your job!  A life YOU design!!  Sound good?

 I’m not going to mislead you into taking some action that will lead you to the Holy Grail.  But I am going to give you the simple a b c solutions,  you need, to find your way in the world of the complex home base business, and internet marketing world.


My name is Dena Brock, I am right here, right now writing this from my home office in the wonderful state of Texas, in my home ….. Where I work hard and play hard, and enjoy every day of life with my amazing husband, Bill.

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona with a father who was an entrepreneur, as well as his father before him; which made me realize, that I too wanted to achieve that American dream.  Now after 19 years of being a “multipreneur”, I want to help others, find their passion, their interests, and build their own freedom as well.

Life handed me many struggles, as a single mother, and provider to 3 children.  Finally though, 19 years ago, I was blessed with the man I would share the ups and downs of business with for the rest of my life.  So far it has really been a roller coaster, adventure.  We share the same interests, the same passions, and the same quirky ways of living.

Life hasn’t always been roses for us, and we somehow managed to FAIL at 3 different business ventures!!  Then , one day I sat down, and learned to master the internet and develop clear cut marketing strategies for the types of businesses we were involved with.  We now have become versatile, innovative, strategic, and defined, in the life of our dreams.

It is my hope that our story, and our message, will help you to find your path, in this crazy mixed up world called, the Home Based Business.  Please be sure to connect with me on Facebook at http://facebook.com/denabrockonline and on twitter @billndee

Welcome to my official website!